Manuscript Submission Process

The Journal follows OJS platform for manuscript submission. The complete manuscript submission process is:


To submit a manuscript, authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in by clicking “make a submission” tab on the Journal’s homepage.
Author needs to go through the submission checklist before proceeding the process.



After registration/ login, the author shall be directed to the author user homepage to begin the five-step submission process.

To begin, from the author user home page click “New Submission” to proceed to the first step of the submission process.


In Step 1, you will provide preliminary information about your submission.

Select the appropriate section for your submission (e.g., article, review, etc.). If you aren’t sure which section is appropriate, make your best guess.
Read and agree to the statements in the submission checklist by checking each box. Include any comments for the editor, read the journal’s privacy statement, and then click the Save and Continue button to move to Step 2.


On Step 2, a window will open allowing you to upload your submission file. The author will be required to attach main manuscript, ethical approval of the study if required and author declaration form duly signed by all the authors (electronic signatures are not acceptable).


On Step 3, you will be asked to add more information about the submission, including the title of the submission (broken down into prefix, title, and subtitle), and the abstract.

You can add more contributors (e.g., co-authors), by clicking the “Add Contributors” link. This will open a new window with fields to enter their information. You will be asked to assign one contributor as primary contact with whom correspondence will be made regarding manuscript.

If you wish, you may enter a brief statement about the access rights held in or over this submission.

4 – 5 keywords as per MeSH criteria must be entered.

Once all the required data is entered, author will save and continue the submission process.


On Step 4, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed all the requirements.
Click “Finish Submission” followed by final “OK” tab.


Your submission is now complete! The editor has been notified of your submission. At this point, you can follow the links to:
Review this submission
Create a new submission
Return to your dashboard


Article Processing and Publication Charges

All articles published in our journals are open access and freely available online, immediately upon publication. FUJRS does not charge any article-processing charge (APC) or publication charges to authors and publishes articles free of charge.  

Source of Funding

Main Journal Funding Source: Foundation University Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Foundation University Islamabad

Subscription of Printed Journal: Currently FUJRS does not charge for any type of subscription and provides journal copies free of charge to universities, institutes, libraries, and general practitioners across Pakistan. Institutions/organizations/individuals from Pakistan, interested in subscription of printed version can forward their request to official email address i.e. for a free subscription. Overseas Institutions/organizations/individuals can forward the request for quotation on official email address and only shipping charges will be charged.

Note: All subscription requests will be evaluated, the editor has the full right to approve subscription or any discontinuation.