FUJRS follows the Guidelines published by the Committee on Publication Ethics for Complaints and appeals ( If any reader, author, or reviewer has any complaints against the journal, its staff, editorial board or publisher, the authors can raise complaints by sending an email to:

The journal must be provided with sufficient, specific information about the matter to demonstrate that a potential ethics violation may have occurred. Complaints may be submitted regarding issues related to inappropriate authorship, gift, and ghost authorship; undeclared conflicts of interests, plagiarism, multiple, duplicate, or concurrent publication/Simultaneous submission; unethical research, fabrication/falsification of results, research standards violations, reviewer bias/competitive harmful acts by reviewers or any contribution to FUJRS that infringes the copyright or other intellectual property rights. Complaints may also be submitted about scientific content, e.g., an appeal against rejection where the Editor-in-Chief will consider the authors’ argument, the reviewer reports and decides whether the decision to reject should stand; another independent opinion may be sorted.

Once a complaint is lodged, an acknowledgment email will be sent to the complainant. The investigation process will be initiated by the journal team according to the directions of the Editor-in-Chief within three working days excluding the complaint receiving date. After the investigation is conducted, a complete inquiry report on the complaint will be prepared and forwarded to the concerned author through his submitted email ID.

All received complaints are welcomed in an unbiased, and timely manner with certainty. When needed, the journal can contact other journals or concerning institutions and seek independent and legal advice. FUJRS welcomes highlighting any error or mistake to be corrected.

For complaints about publication ethics or scientific content:

Send your query with the subject: “ETHICAL CONCERN: Article Title.” via email to

For complaints about processes:

Send your query with the subject: “MANUSCRIPT PROCESSING: along with Article no.” via email to

For an appeal against a rejection:

Only one appeal is permitted for each manuscript. Final decisions on appeals will be made by the Editor in chief. An appeal must address:

  • the authors can demonstrate that an error that determined the final decision has been made – by a referee or the Editors – during a review


  • if important additional data can be provided


  • if a convincing case of bias in the process can be demonstrated

Send your query with the subject: “APPEAL ON REJECTION with Article no.” via email to